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Shannon Rowe, Australia

Updated: May 27, 2021

IBCPC Medical Advisory Panel

Shannon is originally from Canada and after years of travelling the world she landed in Australia in 2014 and never left.

Shannon works as a Registered Nurse and when she received the news of her diagnosis on January 22, 2020, four months before her 40th birthday that she had Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer with the Triple Negative Factor, Stage 3 she knew that she was in for the fight of her life.

Shannon began her treatment journey with five months of chemotherapy adding in all of the chemotherapy medication she could, followed by surgery and a month of radiation. She also because of her age faced numerous questions about what her future would hold.

A pharmacist that Shannon worked with told her about dragon boating as she knew that Shannon has always been involved with sports at many levels. Shannon joined DA Penrith in Sydney, Australia as soon as her treatment regime was completed and has not looked back. She was immediately welcomed into the fold with the camaraderie of friendly, understanding women. She believes that women need to move forward without letting their diagnosis define them. Shannon very affectionately says that these women have become part of her family away from home.

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