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Malaysia: Debbie Wong

New Country Liaison

Debbie Wong Lai Yin is a 53-year-old Financial Advisor and also a full-time single mom to her dear son Lucas (aged 17). Debbie was born in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and had then underwent surgery and necessary treatments for 1.5 years. During that time, she was still very active with her work, mum duties and also cycling life.

Debbie is a passionate cyclist and cycles to places and has been touring around states and countries on her bicycle. She even cycles to hospital for all her chemotherapy sessions.

In late 2017 Debbie had a relapse and had a bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy again, but this did not stop her from staying active and positive. This has made her an even stronger person today.

Debbie, is a very positive and active person in many activities and also in several different sports. She believes in order to lead a healthy life and to keep the Big C or even any other diseases away, Exercise is the keyword. She loves to encourage and show a good example of staying active in sports especially group and team sports because team sports make life fun and happier with great company and camaraderie.

Debbie came to know about dragon boating in 2016 and since then joined Pink Challengers Malaysia (BC team) and started actively paddling with the team since 2017. Not only did dragon boating help her prevent lymphedema she also found love and passion in this sport.

The team spirit and the camaraderie she gets from her team mates is truly amazing. The moments, the experiences, and knowledge that all BC survivors have gone through and share is priceless. She is so blessed to have found dragon boating as another sport, also to have found great friends from this sport, and is very grateful to her team.

Debbie was nominated to be The President of Pink Challengers Malaysia in 2020. Debbie has worked hard with her team to raise funds, create awareness and has also managed to achieve the team’s dream to own their own dragon boat, named Onn Na. Despite the pandemic and all the obstacles, the team have had to face, Debbie and her team are determined to work even harder for a better, fitter and stronger team in the future. Pink Challenger paddles for Courage, Strength and Change. Pink Challengers Malaysia is so looking forward to New Zealand in 2023.

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