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Let's do the Fandango! with Tim William Smith

Tim William Smith has been continuing to run his Friday Fandango exercise classes for breast cancer paddlers while many are still in isolation or unable to get back out on the water. Due to the global time differences his audience has mostly been in Europe, but he has also now attracted padlders from Argentina and the USA.

Tim comments below:

I am currently in discussions with a crew in Argentina regarding fitness sessions. How bizarre is that......:-)

If you are in agreement, I would like to open the Friday FAME fitness sessions to all Pink Paddlers everywhere. We regularly get attendees from the UK, Eire, Europe, USA and now Argentina.

I appreciate that the time: 1800 Hrs UK / Eire does not suit many further East but we do also have a collection of routines on the YouTube channel under the playlist "Pink Specific".

All "Pinkies" are welcome. After the sessions I leave the channel open so people can catch up / chat / whatever.

Finally, all this YouTube stuff has been very interesting. There is still a lot to learn. We are going to focus on specific interest areas: BCS / ACS / Para paddling and Safety.

Is there any specific content that you or your paddlers think we should be covering which will complement what is going on elsewhere? We do not want to reinvent the wheel, just add a new wheel to the cart!

I appreciate that there will not be features every week. I am hoping to start off with a feature on Pink Lionesses in Israel but if there is another subject we can cover or help promote then as we grow our message grows in the same way that a rising tide lifts all boats.

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1 Comment

June Baker
Sep 02, 2020

Great Inspirational updates from teams Internationally are all amazing ,supportive of each other and inclusive which is what our “Pink Paddling “and IBCPC is about and it is great to read all your stories especially during this very uncertain past 5 months of Covid -19 .

I really miss our paddling together, the feel of our beautiful boats the touch of my paddle on the water, the beautiful scenic Lakeland Hills even the wind and rain on my face paddling together as one each Sunday on Lake Windermere UK.

The energy the smiles and laughter we make both on and off the water is healing and restorative to all our members both survivors and supporters we are a team…

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