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EDBF CCWC Championships

Welcome to Lake Banyoles!

Come join us and have fun with your crew family and friends!

Club crews and individuals from anywhere in the world are welcome!

Located in the province of Girona (northeastern Catalonia) Banyoles was the first destination

certified in Sports Tourism by the Catalan Tourist Agency in 2003. This seal of quality

recognises the tourist destination for offering high-quality resources and services aimed at

elite, professional, amateur and tourist sportspeople who want to practise sporting activities.

Lake Banyoles is a natural lake with a history of hosting numerous International rowing and

canoeing competitions and year round training events. Banyoles became well-known as the

Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games Rowing venue, and since then it has been a favourite location for training camps, triathlons and rowing events. Over 56 sports events a year, of which over 17 are internationally renowned, Banyoles organized the 2004 World Rowing Championship, the 2007 European University Rowing Championship, the 2009 Rowing World Cup and the 2011 Banyoles ITU Triathlon Premium European Cup.

Download the PDF below for more information.

Dossier DBanyoles '22_Crews_BCP
Download PDF • 3.99MB

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