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Dr. Matilde Yahni, Argentina

IBCPC Medical Advisory Panel

Matilde was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina 56 years ago. She has a solid career as a medical doctor. Matilde comes from a family of doctors, with her father and two brothers all medical doctors. Matilde specialized in Family medicine having completed a residency both in Buenos Aires and at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. She also undertook postgraduate studies in diabetes and nutrition. Matilde has a passion for languages and she can communicate easily in Spanish, her native language, English, French, Italian and German. Matilde is the proud mother of Lucas and Paul who share with her, her passion for art, music and sports.

Matilde was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer in 2015 and six months later a different type of breast cancer, was found in the other breast. As four close relatives had also had aggressive breast cancers her doctor recommended bilateral mastectomy with further reconstruction in 2016 and 2017.

Matilde has rowed in boats and paddled in kayaks from an early age and has competed for her rowing club for 10 years. After her recovery from breast surgery, she heard about IBCPC and pink paddling and she started contacting former patients who had had breast cancer, along with friends and acquaintances, and from this Rosas del Plata was formed in July 2015. As she has paddled since the age of 6 it was second nature to her to start the team!

Matilde is extremely energetic and loves socialising and got her team together under one dream ‘Let’s go to Florence in 2018’ and so they did … What an incredible adventure that was and one that Matilde and her team will hold in their hearts for many years to come. Matilde worked hard with her team to buy a dragon boat despite living in Argentina, where the economic situation is not good at all. But through sheer determination, Rosas del Plata now has two baby dragons, 40 pink paddlers and they train 3 times a week on a beautiful lake, called Nordelta. The next dream to fulfil is taking the team to the Lake Karapiro festival and Matilde, enthusiastically has already registered a complete crew, “let’s go to New Zealand in 2023 “is her next objective.

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