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Denmark: Helen Lexner Munck

New Country Liaison

Helen Lexner Munck was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in January 1962.

In 2016 she had routine mammography and was diagnosed with DCIS, early stage. She underwent adjuvant breast cancer therapy, underwent lumpectomy followed by chemotherapy, radiation. Helen also received Herceptin and hormone therapy. Finally, she also received eight bisphosphonate treatments.

In early 2017 while undergoing chemotherapy, Helen, always physically active participated in a fitness project for cancer patients. During 6 weeks she rode her bike to the gym 4 times a week to exercise with other cancer patients under the safe supervision of physiotherapists, personal trainers, and medical staff.

During the program, she met a physiotherapist, MHS, Ph.D. Kira Bloomquist. Her specific expertise relates to understanding the physical and psychosocial concerns faced following cancer, in particular lymphedema, and the role of exercise in cancer recovery.

Together with Kira, Helen and 24 other Danish breast cancer survivors they co-founded Danish Dragon Abreast and established the first BCS team in Denmark, Copenhagen Dragon Boat Team. The main goal at the time was to participate in the IBCPCs event in Firenze in July 2018. They successfully did – what an amazing adventure it was!

Helen is a keen paddler and is the elected chair of the Danish Dragon Abreast committee. She is responsible for Communication, PR, Fundraising, and more. She is collaborating with the Danish Cancer Society and DKK (Danish Canoe and Kayak Society) representing the Dragon Boat Sport in Denmark. After a couple of years of struggling for acknowledgment, they have now taken great interest in the team and are offering their support, thanks to Helen’s efforts.

Helen is a great networker and she loves to travel around the world and is always making new friends. Copenhagen Dragon Boat Team welcomes all their sisters for a paddle in Copenhagen.

She is the mother of 2 adult sons, working full time and as most Danes, she is always getting around on her bike. She is looking forward to joining the IBCPC community and meeting many more of the BCS paddlers of the world.

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