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Cosmina Grigore, Romania

IBCPC Medical Advisory Panel

Cosmina Grigore is a mother, wife and breast cancer survivor diagnosed in 2013 at the very young age of just 27.

While working on rewriting her life story after her cancer diagnosis, Cosmina studied and obtained several certifications in nutrition, nutrigenomics, Pilates, mindfulness, coaching and personal development.

She is the first breast cancer patient to become a Patient Coach in Romania and in 2016 she founded Imunis Association. Imunis is dedicated to educating and empowering cancer patients to rewrite their story after cancer.

Cosmina has created some very unique programs in Romania such as “The New Cancer Patient Caravan” for which she was awarded Woman of The Year in 2016 as the project reached over 25 cities in Romania. Titles for programs include: “Womanhood after cancer” or “School for Cancer patients”. She has reached over 2000 patients from Romania and abroad through her work either online or offline.

In 2020 along with Marian Baban - Romanian sprint canoer who won three silver medals at the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships – Cosmina created Imunis Dragons the first dragon boat team for breast cancer survivors in Romania.

Cosmina is also developing a lay version for cancer patients of the clinical guidelines for cancer nutrition for the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN). She is a coach, a woman with a bold vision who believes in the body’s wisdom, in the power of “#togetherness” and of the community, she cares deeply for the environment and guides patients to become the best version of themselves. She is dedicated to building her legacy after cancer through Imunis programs and showing that prevention matters. She is leading patients through her own lifestyle example proving that, indeed, you can rewrite your story and that emotional balance, sports, nutrition and great lifestyle are core pillars.

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