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Claire Fiaschi, IBCPC National Rep for the North of France

New National Representative

A year before she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Claire watched a documentary about the first crew of dragon ladies in France. It must have been a sign of fate, this crew was in Reims, her hometown! So, it was only natural that in November 2013, after her diagnosis and mastectomy that she went to meet Dragon Ladies de Reims- Ensemble pour Elles.

Since February 2014, she has been paddling, steer or drummer for her team. She discovered the "competition" and all the strength of the BCS in Florence in 2018, and dreams that this spirit will win for France. She has been president of the association Ensemble pour Elles since October 2015.

She has been married for 33 years, mother of 4 children and grandmother of 2 wonderful little men.

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