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Chantal Lachance, IBCPC National Rep for Quebec and Eastern Provinces, Canada

New National Representative

I am a mother of 2 (16 and 18). I am originally from Quebec City but love to move around. Worked and also lived in PEI, Toronto and Calgary. I am a full-time High School teacher. I used to work for the “Ontario Insurance Commission” before they merged with The Pension Commission. I worked for the “Club Windows” at the Skydome (Bitove Corporation) worked at the Molson Indy. Catered parties for the Toronto Raptors. I was a tour guide for a few years here in Quebec City, Toronto and Montreal and a flight attendant based in Calgary. I like change!

I was diagnosed with TNBC in 2010 at the age of 37. We were actually in the process of finalizing our documents to move to Australia for a few years, which never happened.

I still want to go!

I ran into the Captain of the Vise-à-Vie team at a Run for the Cure Race. Didn’t know what she was talking about but I signed up for it. My first trial with dragon boat was sitting on the ground, on the side of a pool at a nearby college and learning how to paddle there! Sometimes I wonder why I was hooked!

Many months later I sat in an actual boat! I guess if I had wanted to quit, I would have done it while paddling on the side of a pool! I met the whole team and just fell in love with them. I was the youngest of all. Lots of my teammates could have been my mother. The two other recruits and myself brought a more competitive side to the team. I couldn’t imagine putting in so much effort twice a week during training and not want to “compete” or even try to “compete”. I just couldn’t understand why “my” team couldn’t be as good as all the others.

Unfortunately, or fortunately for the sport, more women joined the team and they were more into dragon boating as a “sport” than a social activity. We still use the sport as a time to socialize but we like to win!

I learned about Rethink Breast Cancer by being invited at the Breast Fest which they produced. I worked with them for a few years and was also invited to workshops where I met many wonderful women. I was also part of the first Stretch Heal and Grow yoga retreat, which was amazing.

I love to meet new people from around the world and learn about their journey. I love to go around to talk with different teams when we compete.

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